Testimonial – Hansen – Pool Screen Naples

Testimonial – Hansen – Pool Screen Naples

When we take on a project here at Hansen Pool Enclosures, you can be assured that you will be treated like family.  We care about your well-being and understand that our relationship with you is very important.  Here is a great letter we receive some time ago from a couple of members of our “extended family”…

Dear Mr. Hansen:

Your company and our particular salesman, Tim Thompson, have come through with great service after both hurricane Charley and Wilma. Our pool screen cage was in need of repair after both hurricanes and your company didn’t let us suffer with the bugs for long. For this we thank you very much.

Being new homeowners in southwest Florida, you can imagine the horror we felt watching Charley hit the area the first year our house was built. Then came Wilma and more terror running through our veins. Paradise just wasn’t supposed to include hurricanes!

Well, the bottom line is hurricanes are a part of paradise and we are just eternally grateful that Hansen Screen Enclosures is also a part of paradise. If ever you need a reference, (like you need more work right now!) please feel free to offer our names.

Thanks again for your prompt attention to our misery.

Jim Moen & Bev Erikson